Pool Construction

Vinayak Pools

Today most of the people live in cities due to various reasons like availability of jobs, education, infrastructure, health facilities etc., As science & technology fields have fastest growth there will be more number of industries and companies in cities. Hence people’s expectations are also very high. But at the end of the day everyone needs entertainment & enjoyment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

We know that, water will be the best source for most of the entertainment viz., amusement parks, swimming pools, landscaping, fountains, etc which brings happiness. But it is not possible to visit amusement parks, resorts for entertainment & health purpose daily. Hence swimming pools are the ideal place to energize mind, body & spirit for all ages. Thus swimming pool plays a very vital role in everybody’s everyday life. Swimming is the best activity that harmonizes your body & mind with lot of exercise.

We all know that Water is the most precious resource for all living things across planet. But fresh and clean water is a limited resource. Hence top priority should be given for conservation of water by avoiding contaminating & wasting of water. Even we have to use water very wisely and carefully. As swimming pools needs plenty of water, a very well planned construction & maintenance of pools is important.

There are two categories of swimming pools.

In-ground pools – Concrete shell pools, Vinyl-lined pools, Fibre-Glass/FRP pools
Above ground pools – FRP pools, Inflatable pools.

Concrete Swimming Pools are the traditional pools with highest quality. But construction of concrete pools is expensive as compared to any other kind of pools. There are various approaches for construction of concrete pools. The most popular & recent technology is use of Gunite for construction of pools.

We have a specialized team for designing and constructing swimming pools as per client requirement. We have a group of skilled engineers and consultants with good knowledge and expertise to help you in choosing the right pool as per your need & budget.

FRP Pools are flexible, durable and strong. Maintenance is very easy. It is easy to install FRP pools. Little time is needed to install such pools. The pools are cheaper in price. We offer best quality Fibre glass pools.